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Dog Lover.
Dog Walker.
Dog Trainer.

You love dogs? Then we already have something in common. In 2009 I made this love my profession and roam the Grunewald with my pack. Every week anew I make sure that the dogs romp through woods and meadows and get really worked up. My working day is only successful when your dog has returned home, satisfied and exhausted.

A further focus for me is also on the social behaviour of the dogs. I make sure that they pay more and more attention to each other during each walk and make them more aware of their environment. Furthermore I teach them the most important basics in dealing with humans and animals. For me it is a give and take, because I learn as much from your dog every day as he learns from me. After more than 10 years as a dog walker and over 2400 walks it was time to apply my experience and knowledge in dog training, of course with qualified training. So that Berlin's dogs are not only balanced but also well-behaved.

In order to be able to guarantee a professional and pedagogical handling of the dogs, I regularly take part in training courses. These include courses like:

My Qualifications